Sonar Satellite Music

Sonar Satellite began in 2021 as an album created by FigaDro. Since then, the name has grown into the independent group/label known as Sonar Satellite Music. It’s made up of FigaDro, Tigga Rabbit, & Strawberry Jamz.

sonar satellite cover

What Does Sonar Satellite Mean?

Literal Meaning
Sonar – Sound/Sonic navigation and Ranging. A way to communicate with space underwater.
Satellite – An object that is placed in orbit in outer space. Mainly utilized for communication.

Definitions do not do the term justice, as it serves as an ambiguous meaning internally to me, FigaDro. Sonar Satellite was my first album after moving away from my childhood home, my friends, and the city I grew up in. During COVID, like most, my life plans got turned upside down. It led me to ask myself what my goals, purpose, and work were leading me to.

I don’t pretend like I know much of either technology. I don’t. I do know that the oceans and space are perhaps the last two unknowns and unexplored locations to mankind. One of the few realities we share with our ancestors. Both sonar and satellite technologies rely on communication systems and are employed by humans in order to find our way.
If you are lost, there is a solution. You are not alone.