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Sonar Satellite Music

Sonar Satellite began in 2021 as an album created by FigaDro. Since then, the name has grown into the independent group/label known as Sonar Satellite Music. It’s made up of FigaDro, Tigga Rabbit, & Strawberry Jamz.

Looking for the sequel, ‘Sonar Satellite 2’? Listen Here

What Does Sonar Satellite Mean?

Literal Meaning
Sonar – Sound/Sonic navigation and Ranging. A way to communicate with space underwater.
Satellite – An object that is placed in orbit in outer space. Mainly utilized for communication.

The term ‘Sonar Satellite’ goes beyond simple definitions—
it holds a deep and ambiguous significance in my creative world. 

While I’m not an expert by any means, I do recognize that the realms of the ocean and space remain among the last tangible frontiers of human exploration. These vast unknowns connect us with our ancestral past and offer boundless mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Both sonar and satellite technologies serve as vital tools for human navigation, enabling us to chart our course and to find our way.

In a world where it’s easy to feel lost and adrift, remember this: there is an answer, and you’re never truly alone.

Welcome to Sonar Satellite

- FigaDro